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SWL was birthed by 3 young women who were moved by the level of poverty and lack in the society amongst Indigent women and children.

They decided to reach out to their close friends and family and ask for a small donation and commitment of N5,000 a month. With this donation, they were able to provide monthly food supplies to the women and children of the Shelter For Abused Women and Children and Massey Children Hospital Lagos as well as pay for the tuition of 2 twin girls.

Today, 5 years on, the foundation has grown with more members, donors and partners. In addition to the above, SWL has been able to assist over 10 families with funds to pay for cancer treatment for their children, raise funds for the success surgery for a 15 year old with a benign jaw tumour and more recently, launched the Digital Life After School Program which is aimed at teaching ICT skills and technology to children from less privileged backgrounds.



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