Equipping children from low-income families in Nigeria with the digital and technology skills

The Digital Life After School Program (DLASP) is an after school and holiday educational program launched by Serving With Love (SWL) Foundation which seeks to equip children from low-income families in Nigeria between the ages of 4 and 16 with the digital and technology skills necessary to be competitive in today’s rapidly evolving work environment.

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It is well known that IT and digital skills are the skills for the future. Unfortunately, a large percentage of our public schools are unable to offer these skills due to a lack of infrastructure and trained teachers. SWL seeks to bridge this gap through the DLASP program.


The centre is located in Ilasan community, Lekki Lagos, and classes offered free of charge to children in the community selected because of their strong desire and potential to learn and assimilate the teaching. The classes are conducted in a purpose-built room equipped with computers, software and trained instructors.

The program officially launched in May 2018, and in the last one year, we have trained over 70 children on the basics of computer, the children have grown from their inability to start a computer, to creating stories and paintings, using the Microsoft word, excel and PowerPoint.


We believe this program will help bridge the digital divide and equip underprivileged kids with IT skills that would help them thrive and succeed in a competitive tech world.
As the children are from low-income families, SWL provides lunch for them prior to commencing their after-school classes.

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