In the last 4+ years,
we have achieved the following:

Annual Tuition Fees

Paid Annual Tuition Fees for a set of twin girls via the Bethesda Foundation. In the last 3 years, we have paid the school fess of two twin girls name Taiwo and Kehinde Efuwape through the Bethesda Child Support Agency.

Giving Drive

Annual 40 days of Giving Drive which occurs during the Lenten season, in form of donations of essential items for adults and children.

The 40-days of giving drive is a giving initiative of SWL where our donors and members, set aside an item daily during the 40 days of Lent season, at the end of the challenge these items are then collected and donated to the women at the Shelter for Abused Women and Children when we visit them during the Easter celebration.

Annual End of Year Outreach

Annual end-of-year visits to commune with, and deliver food hampers to patients and families, at both the Massey Street Children’s Hospital and the Shelter for Abused women and children (SAWAC).

Book Drive

A book drive/reading event for 150 children at the shelter for abused women and children. – We believe that a reading culture helps children grow mentally emotionally and psychologically and reading gives them the opportunity to explore the world yet to be seen and learn new things.

Soup Kitchen

Organized a Soup kitchen that fed over 500 people in Ogombo community Lagos State. As part of our mission to provide for basic needs, in December 2017, we organized a soup kitchen that fed over five hundred people of the Ogombo community.

Monthly Food Supplies

Monthly supplies of food and cleaning items to the Massey Street Children’s Hospital and the Shelter for Abused women and children (SAWAC). For Four years, every month donated food stuff and other household items to over 150 women at the Shelter for Abused Women and Children and Massey Children Hospital.

Cancer Treatment for Children

Partnered with The Dorcas Cancer Foundation (TDCF) to raise funds for the treatment of under-privileged children, who have been afflicted with cancer.


Raised funds for the successful removal of a jaw tumor on behalf of a 15-year-old teenager.

Relief Program

Raised funds for an emergency flood relief program for victims of the July 2017 floods in the Ogombo and Jakande Communities in Lagos State, through this program, we provided relief packs which included food stuff, mattresses, mosquito net and cooking stoves to 150 families in the Ogombbo and Jakande community in Lagos State.

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